Our team gathers Digital skills and Mobility expertise

Laurent ROUVET


Laurent founded FillnDrive in 2019 with the purpose to transpose to the mobility service industry the digital tools that provide business backbone to other large end-user service industries such as telecom, e-commerce or financial services. He built his expertise over the course of a 30+ y career in software architecture for Telecom and Automotive, including Almavia where he was a Partner and CTO, and Symbio where he served as CIO. Laurent graduated from the CNAM (P-93) and holds a specialization in Fundamental Computer Engineering.



Gilles joined FillnDrive beginning in 2022 as Chief Operating Officer to strengthen the global management of the company, including Customer success, pre-sales, product strategy and global. He brings 20+ y experience in management and the operations supervision in Atos and Bull Services, The Volvo Group or also Symbio. Gilles Holds a Master in Business Administration and a Master Degree in computational mathematics.



Thomas is leading FillnDrive software development activities, coordinating both Front-End and Back-End applications. He brings a 15+ y experience in web and mobile edition, including Groupama where he designed the new customer area (IBM websphere / Noheto), and Almavia where he was a senior software architect leading the integration and customization of web and mobile applications centered around omni canal customer relations. Thomas is graduated from MIAGE Paris 12 (P-08) and holds a MSc in Distributed systems computing.

Pauline COLIN

Head Business Developer and Marketing

Pauline is in charge of Business Development and Marketing. Prior to FillnDrive Pauline spent 7+ years in Renault and Alliance Ventures. She worked for the Corporate Strategy and International Development. Pauline is graduated from EM-Lyon Business School and holds a dual Bachelor in French and German Law from Paris X – Nanterre.

Olivier JUDITH

System Engineer

Olivier is supervising IT operations, and administrates FillnDrive Cloud and on-board infrastructure. Olivier has 20+ y experience as a Technical and Infrastructure architect, covering B2C (e-commerce at Galeries Lafayette, CRM at ENI Gas, mobile Payment at Orange) and B2B (Airbus, Alcatel). He is a Linux/OpenSource and DevOps referent, holds specific cloud background on AWS/GCP/Kubernetes, and is certified EMC2 & Docker EE. Olivier is graduated from CGEFI Paris with a specialization in Network administration.

Anthony GEIGER

Full-stack developer

Anthony is working on the FillDrive software Development as Full-Stack Developer. He started to develop at 17 years old and traveled in many countries to work in. He has several year of experience in the Full-Stack Development where he was able to work in many environments, marketing, insurance, OMS or WMS.

Alexandre GROULS

Senior Developer

Alexandre brings his knowledge and skills to improve software development activities at FillnDrive. He brings a 10+ y experience in web applications for industry and marketing field (Publicis Media, D-AIM), where he designed back-end bots, tools and applications for internal/external use. He also has software architect skills about SaaS. Alexandre has a MSc in computer science from UQÀM (Montréal, Canada), specialized in Multi-Agents Systems.

François ULRICH


François fosters financial structuration of FillnDrive, within a set of other SMEs and start-ups requiring similar part-time senior financial drive. François brings 15+ y finance experience including audit within EY, and several finance executive and CFO positions within ERCOM, a Telecom SME for which he led several financing operations, and SPVIE Assurance, a fast-growing financial service company. François is graduated from Paris Dauphine (P-04) and holds a MSc in Finance from EM Lyon (P-07)

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