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Saas Solution for Hydrogen Distribution


We believe that clean energy distribution for both mobility & industrial usages must be simple to us.  As a software development company – here is our contribution to the global transition towards a sustainable energy model : foster & accelerate hydrogen distribution.


Our One Stop Shop Platform supports a fluid and scalable user experience on every side of hydrogen distribution value chain.

Discover our On Stop Shop Platform

A SaaS Platform to digitalize hydrogen distribution operations for mobility, stationary and
industrial usages.


Providing a breakthrough User Experience and a suitable solution to retail hydrogen & to
steer distribution operations, FillnDrive adapts to your needs !


Station Operator Webportal

The Station Operator Webportal features standardized technical supervision tools to monitor & steer each station state and to manage hydrogen supply & stock.


It allows also to implement tailor-made business condition to each customer and to manage full scope of sales
administration from enrolling to invoicing.

Fleet Manager Webportal

The Fleet Manager Webportal enables each manager to monitor its needs and conception and to adapt energy refilling organization to his own business.


Mobile App

A user friendly app to support the drive ahead and during refueling


FillnDrive in a few figures :

Refilling stations equipped with FillnDrive solution
Vehicles using FillnDrive
Refills achieved per year

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