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Enhance the efficiency of your station

Efficient SSD Solutions

An efficient SSD Solutions

Experience streamlined operations and enhanced reliability with our cutting-edge SSD solution, tailored for hydrogen mobility infrastructure.

  • Optimize Charging Operations
  • Ensure Identification and Security
  • Enhance User Experience (Audio Assistance …)
  • Collect Real-Time Data
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Systems (outside or inside the station) 

Key Benefits for Users

Enhance your charging experience with our efficient SSD Solution

Audio Guidance 

Our SSD offers audio instructions for station users, ensuring accessibility and ease of use, especially for those with visual impairments or language barriers.

NFC Identification

With NFC technology, our SSD enables swift and secure user authentication, streamlining the charging process without the need for physical cards or credentials.

Data Collection

The SSD seamlessly integrates with the FillnDrive portal, provides valuable data insights to monitor usage, analyze performance, and optimize operations .

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Station Operators

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How to integrate us ?

Directly integrated within stations dispensers and connected to metering calculator and PLC


FillnDrive ChargeBeacon is registered as a  certified Point Of Sale under OIML R139  classification (Hydrogen / Natural Gas)



Standard Integration

Connectivity granted with any standard  Metering Calculator following IFSF protocols. Metering calculators already supported: Tokheim WWC, BetaControl ADP, Gilbarco SK700 …

Custom Integration 

Connectivity possible with station PLC under  main industry’s protocols (Modbus, Profinet,  OPC-UA) based on a standard Data exchange  table.



Streamlining H2 Infrastructure Operations

Optimize Efficiency and Reliability with FillnDrive's SSD Solution

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Efficient SSD Solutions

Our SSD solution is a state-of-the-art technology designed to streamline and optimize H2 and CNG mobility infrastructure operations. By providing real-time monitoring, management, and control capabilities, it ensures the seamless functioning of hydrogen fueling stations. With its intuitive interface and robust features, our SSD solution empowers operators to maintain reliability, efficiency, and safety throughout their network, facilitating the transition to a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem.

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