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Mobile App

Enhance the disponibility of your station
hydrogen vehicle driver

We developp apps for operators such as :

FillnDrive is the ultimate solution for drivers. Our apps provides real-time information on charging availability and locations, seamless payment options, and a user-friendly interface, all accessible on mobile devices. With FillnDrive, drivers can easily find and manage charging stations wherever they go.

If you are connected to an operator, go to the dedicated mobile application to display only the stations you can access via your company.
You’ll discover exclusive features tailored to your needs.

Key Benefits for Users

Enhance your experience with our Mobile apps

Real-time Availability

Keep track of real-time station availability with our mobile app, ensuring you always find an open station when you need it.

Convenient Payment

Enjoy flexible payment options with our mobile app, allowing you to choose the most convenient method for your refueling needs.

Historic of refueling 

Track your refueling history effortlessly with our mobile app, providing a comprehensive record of past fills for easy reference.

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Always be
informed of
station availability.

Availability + Historic + Payment + Identification + Notifications

photo de l'app

Always be
informed of
station availability.

Availability + Historic + Payment + Identification + Notifications

Your Phone as a Credit Card

Add your card on the app and pay with your phone

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Mobile App-Screen Card

Pay for your transactions easily and securely from your mobile phone with our integrated credit card payment option.

First, add your card in the app. Simply select this payment method on the screen and follow the instructions to enter your card details.

You can then pay at the station in the same way as if you were paying by CB. This convenient solution allows you to fill up with ease without having to physically use your credit card.

Live Map Feature

Real-time Location Tracking

Application Screens Showcase

Exploring Apps features that facilitate your journey

Locate the nearest hydrogen stations effortlessly. The app’s intuitive map guides you to the closest FillnDrive stations with real-time availability updates.

Choose the station that suits you best. The app provides detailed information, including station amenities and current fuel prices.

Seamless identification and secure payments. Easily link your preferred payment method and breeze through the process with our user-friendly interface.

Effortless account management. Access your transaction history, review past refuels, and stay in control of your hydrogen usage

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