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A Station Manufacturer
We offer for Stations Manufacturers

FillnDrive is pleased to provide hardware (VCID) and software solutions as a game-changer for station manufacturers.

By integrating VCID technology, manufacturers enhance station performance and reliability with features like a legal metrology part, various payment solutions ….


This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also attracts operators and fleet managers, driving adoption and revenue. VCID technology not only meets current needs but also future-proofs charging infrastructure for evolving mobility demands.

Key Benefits for Manufacturers

Increase the appeal of your station with FillnDrive

Enhanced User Interface

VCID ensures a seamless user experience with intuitive interfaces, making it easy for drivers to locate, access, and refuel. Streamlined interfaces reduce user friction, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Operators can offer a variety of payment options, including credit cards, mobile payments, and subscription services. This flexibility drives higher utilization rates and revenue.

Metrology Needs

VCID incorporates robust metrology features to ensure accurate and compliant charging transactions. From precise measurement of energy consumption to adherence to regulatory standards (OIML)

VCID in action.

Discover VCID in action as a driver

  • Legal Metrology
  • Multiple payment solutions (CB, NFC, App …)
  • Various languages 
  • User guide and refueling info (personalizable) 
  • Assistance 

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Station Manufacturers

Our Software Solutions

Simplify the management and gestion of your stations

Streamline operations and maintenance tasks efficiently.

Ensure controlled access to designated areas and resources for your client on our webportal.

Organize and access technical data and maintenance information effortlessly (Back office and directly on the VCID).

Various Payments Methods

Increase the appeal of your station with multiple payments solutions.

A – Integrated bank card reader

Bank card reader proposed by FillnDrive, thanks to a strategic supply agreement

C – Mobile App Payment

Bank card payment via the FillnDrive Mobile Application (open to all) with Bluetooth

B – Output Terminal / At the Shop

Card reader connected to the VCID via IFSF/LON  (Bank Card + Fuel/fleet Card) 

D – Private Fleets Refueling Card

Private Cards for registered fleet customer (Operator branding)

E – FillnDrive Roaming Ecosystem

Join the FillnDrive ecosystem (data, collaborative services, improve the driver UX even more)

Informations about the Station

A great interface for on-site and remote technicians

Discover the features we offer to Operators.

Attract customers with the benefits we can offer to them

We offer for Stations Operators

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