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SaaS Solution for H2 and CNG distribution

Welcome to our innovative SaaS solution for H2, designed to reshape the landscape of hydrogen mobility.

SaaS Solution for H2

Laurent, Founder of FillnDrive

Laurent Rouvet, Founder

“FillnDrive offers a user-friendly SaaS solution for H2 mobility. Our cutting-edge digital solutions and electronic devices enhance the charging experience for both hydrogen (H2) and natural gas (CNG) vehicles. We also provide comprehensive management tools customized for operators and fleet managers … to efficiently oversee their charging infrastructure.”

FillnDrive in Figures

An interactive map of all the station "Powered by FillnDrive" for H2 and CNG

Map of France with FillnDrive Stations
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Unveiling FillnDrive's Milestones of Success

January 2019

Creation of FillnDrive by our founders

November  2019

Launch of the FillnDrive mobile application

February 2023

Presentation of the VCID at Hyvolution 

October 2021

Obtaining the CET for legal metrology (SSD)

October 2023

100,000 refills registered and secured

End of 2024

150 refueling stations powered by FillnDrive

Portfolio of our SaaS Solutions

SaaS Solution for H2 and CNG mobility

Hardware Solutions

FillnDrive offers cutting-edge devices: VCID or SSD. They are designed to optimize the charging process, offering reliability and precision. Moreover, they offer legal metrology, various payment solutions, and a user-friendly interface.

Software Solutions

Our platform provides comprehensive management tools for operators, station manufacturers, and fleet managers. We enable them to monitor and control charging infrastructure effectively. Additionally, with features like remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, we ensure optimal performance and reliability for our clients.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application offers a user-centric interface that provides real-time data on vehicle charging. This includes availability, pricing, and station locations. Thus, it also integrates features for payments and rewards, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Our Values

Exploring FillnDrive's Core Values


Innovation Icon

Indeed, we continuously push boundaries to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive the future of sustainable mobility.


Collaboration Icon

Moreover, we believe in fostering partnerships and working closely with clients to co-create impactful solutions for the advancement of clean energy.


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That is why we optimize every process and solution to ensure maximum efficiency, empowering our clients to achieve their goals swiftly and effectively.

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